Alternative Concepts

We implement cutting edge technologies into our projects where useful. For example we have a special version of "DAS Rekorder" that's powered by a Methanol fuel cell.
It was used to film sensitive wildlife in the Austrian mountains. It had to be abslutely quiet with zero emissions and had to be remote controlled for far away in the valley because no people were allowed to be present at the filming site.
So Greenpost built a 2K-RAW Camera with Rekorder that would run for 2 weeks on 10 litres of ethanol, emittin nothing but pure Oxygen and making zero noise.
Data was transferred through a long-range Wifi network (up to 8 Km) and RF-controls were used to move cameras and lenses.
Overnight the system was sent to sleep and woken up by a mobile phone interface.

About us


Greenpost is your technical specialist for interactive media